All Breed Open Horse Show

Date to be announced soon!






Division Ribbons Awarded




$5 extra fee for same day registration. If you need to make alternate arrangements
please call Cooper @ (928) 499-0989.

$15 per class

Arena Fee -
$5 Members
$10 Non Members

Enter on-line at:

Dry camping and day stall available, inquire at :


Ranch Riding and Trail courses and patterns will be published on the CVEA Website 24 hours before the Show. Copies will be available the day of the event

  • Enter Obstacle Courses at the South end of Main Arena

  • Arena Obstacle Course is open from 8:30 to 10:30 approximately

  • Long Course is open from 10:30 to 12:30 approximately

  • There is no specific order of go; show up when you can.

Trail Divisions may include but not be limited to the following maneuvers.

Gate, Bridge, Water Crossing, Side-Pass R/L, Backing, Mail Box, Carry Object/Slicker, Trot or Lope Logs or Poles, Dead-Fall, Turn on the Haunches or Fore, Drag an Object, Dismount-check all 4 feet-Remount, Challenge points for Ground tying.

Chino Valley Equestrian Association is a  501(C)(3): 81-2317933 

President ~ Cooper Anderson
Vice President ~ Helen Fuller
Treasurer ~  Barb Lunsmann  
Secretary ~  Carol Gora

Park Location ~
2208 Equestrian Way ~ Chino Valley AZ 86323

Mailing ~ PO Box 381~ Chino Valley AZ 86323


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