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Gary Gang

Vice President

Barb Lunsmann loved horses and rode whenever she could.  Now, she owns eight horses, all of whom are her favorites. Her passions run the gamut from trail to ranch work to driving. Retired from supervising a large call center, her skills with numbers and her love of all things equine have led her to CVEA and the position of our treasurer.

Jean McFadzen

Danielle Feller



After 35 year of teaching high school English, I thought I could retire. I got my first horse at age 40, but it’s been a few years now since I have ridden. Both the skills that made me a good teacher and the love I developed for horses have not faded away. Volunteering for the Chino Valley Equestrian Association has revitalized me, involved me in my community, and brought new friends into my life.

Chino Valley Equestrian Association is a  501(C)(3): 81-2317933

Barb Lunsmann

Danielle Feller started riding at the age of 7 and rode competitively in  the Hunter/Jumper West Coast Show Circuit into her early 20's.  Then took time out from riding to raise her two children and have a 32 year career in the Motion Picture Industry in Hollywood.  Once her children were teenagers Danielle started riding again and returned to the Hunter/Jumper Show world.

I've been a trainer stable owner adjunct instructor Yavapai College living in Chino Valley since 1998. 2015 North American preliminary pairs Champion for the American Driving Society and winner of the Triple Crown of the Pacific coast.